ABILENE Mezze Mat - Tan

  • $82.00
  • $135.00

The Mezze Mat is designed for all kinds of adventure! Beaches, picnics and afternoons on the lounge room floor. The Mezze Mat is fit for everyday use, it is easy to clean and highly durable. Each mat comes with an inclusive, sustainable canvas bag - which you will love! Wherever the adventure is the Mezze Mat will create a space for you.


  • All inclusive sustainable canvas bag
  • Bonded Leather
  • Functional
  • Stain Resistant
  • Wipeable
  • BPA + Phthalate Free
  • Hanging strip
  • Measures 135cm x 135cm


  • Shake off loose dirt, grass, sand etc
  • Gently wipe down with a warm cloth - use a gentle cleaning product if needed.
  • Do not tumble dry, machine wash, iron or bleach
  • Air dry before folding away to store

The mats are stain resistant not stain proof - so trust us anything permanent is permanent. Please avoid using markers, pens, scissors, acrylic paints or any products containing acid or chlorine. 

While we personally have used children’s water based paint on the mats, leather does act like a skin, so there is a chance that depending on paint colour it will absorb into the pigmentation. If you are concerned about this - we recommend avoiding paint use altogether. 

The best way to remove creases from your mat is to layout it in the sun for an hour or alternatively you can hang your mat when not is use and the weight of the mat will remove creases. Otherwise when you are using the mat the creases will drop out. 

The tan flocked suede bottom of the mat is made to wear the memories of your adventures, so with time more character will be added to it. The best way to try and clean this is with a rough microfibre dry cloth or you can attempt to spot clean. But this side of the mat doesn’t have the same stain resistance as the top side.