MINI SCOUT Swaddle - Leafy Sprig Blue

  • $49.99

Wrap you little one in softness! For the most sensitive skin, look no further than a 100% cotton muslin blanket.

This soft cotton baby blanket is ideal for swaddling babies up to 4 months old or until they can roll onto their bellies. Made with 100% muslin cotton in a loose weave, the natural fibres keep you child toasty and warm without overheating: buttery-soft cotton wicks excess humidity from their skin, helping them regulate their body temperature.

Fresh and lively as a morning dewdrop, the Leafy Sprig swaddle boasts an intricate design that reminisces of a sprouting twig. Its delicate pattern is a subtle addition to your baby's everyday gear, while the different colours ensure you'll find the perfect complement to your nursery's style.


  • 100% muslin cotton
  • Hemmed edges


  • 120cm by 120cm


  • Machine wash on cold and hang dry