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Womens wellbeing, menstrual cycle relief, menopause, puberty

Six powerful herbs are solar infused into sunflower oil for one moons cycle to create a balm that soothes and assists women's changing hormones. Clary sage and red raspberry leaf balances hormones, arnica will help with sore crampy muscles, ginger relieves sore muscles and lavender and chamomile calm. When symptoms arrive at the beginning of your menstrual cycle, menopause or through puberty massage on your lower abdomen, lower back and temples.

​100% organic Ingredients | 60ml


Organic sunflower oils infused with red raspberry leaf, clary sage, yarrow, arnica, lavender and chamomile. Beeswax, vitamin E, essential oils of clary sage, lavender, chamomile and jasmine. We have strained this oil through a large sieve to leave behind small flower petals of beauty.