GARBO & FRIENDS Floral Moss Cot Fitted Sheet

The Floral Moss pattern is inspired by a scene in a Wes Anderson movie, a director that Garbo & Friends admire and love for his iconic style in film. It is the same print as the Floral Vine pattern but here the dark green base absorbs a lot of the outlines in the original pattern, leaving petals and leaves in a beautiful mixture.

The base is a dark moss green with off-white petals, and leaves in two shades of light green. We SO love it.

Garbo & Friends fitted sheets are made in 100% OEKO-Tex certified Portuguese Cotton Percale with an elastic hem that wraps around the mattress, easy to put on, stays put during use and easy to take off when its time for laundry.


  • 70cm x 140cm x 20cm (Most common cot size in NZ is 69cm x 130cm)
  • Ethically made by skilled craftsmen Portugal and OEKO-Tex Certified 
  • 100% Cotton Percale
  • Elastic Hem


  • Wash on gentle cycle 40°C
  • Do not tumble dry