MAMA BEAR Christmas Water Beads

  • $19.95

Get festive with these fun and biodegradable Christmas water beads! They provide ultimate sensory fun for your little ones.

HOW TO PLAY: Just add water and watch the beads grow over the next 5 hours or so. 


  • Biodegradable & non toxic
  • Packaged in a reusable jar - easy to store
  • 20g 
  • Ingredients: 95% Acrylic polymers, 5% water


Do not ingest. Always supervise your children when playing with the water beads. Do not dispose of water beads down the drain, simply place them in the garden and cover with some soil as they are biodegradable. Do not place in fish tanks or waterways. Even though these beads are non-toxic they are not suitable for human consumption or animal consumption as they are not a food product. We recommend washing your hands before and after contact to keep the water beads as clean and hygienic as possible.