Whilst an exciting time, it can be overwhelming when it comes to selecting a gift for an expecting mum! 
There are so many options to choose from, some practical, others not so much. So to make it easier we've put together some wonderful ideas to help you.

1. Sleepwear
When newborns are not feeding they will most likely be sleeping! Sleepsuits are not only adorable but they are the most comfortable thing for babies to wear as there is no discomfort or pressure on their little tummies.

2. Comforter
Babies grow to love comforters and they become a key tool for mums when it comes to bedtime. Olly the Otter makes a great best friend!

3. Socks
Little ones need help keeping warm so socks are an essential item. Lamington socks are arguable the best for staying on babies feet! They are also proudly New Zealand Made using Merino wool so keep little feet nice and toasty!

4. Cot Sheets
A very practical gift but also one that an expecting mum will adore.

5. Bodysuits
Bodysuits are ideal for babies as they are fuss free and the top can't ride up, ensuring a warm and comfortable wear. Don't be afraid to go for bigger sizes, just bear in mind what the season will be when bub is that age!

6. Tights
Tights are a key item in a newborns wardrobe, helping keep little legs nice & toasty.

7. Burp Cloths
Babies need help to burp after every feed. This often results in a "milk spill" that ends up on mum! Burp cloths are perfect for mums to place on their shoulder before burping the baby, saving their clothes & sanity! They are also handy cloths to have in a baby bag for any unexpected mess!


8. Swaddles
Swaddles are so versatile, use in the traditional form of a wrap blanket, or a makeshift play mat when you're on the go, a shade cloth for the pram or even a change mat when you're out and about.

9. Teethers
Teethers help soothe babies gums when teeth start moving by providing something safe to chew on. They also help little ones learn hand-eye coordination & grasping techniques. 

10. Rattles
Rattles provide hours of entertainment for little hands and minds as well as helping develop their motor skills. A great gift that will keep on giving!


11. Change Mats
A great addition to the baby bag. When you're out and about or visiting friends a change mat means any mess from a nappy is contained and provides a nice comfortable place for changing nappies.

12. Blankets
A beautiful blanket makes for a wonderful gift. It will be used everyday and cherished. 




August 14, 2020 — Bold Commerce Collaborator

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