Introducing Misha & Puff to Little Bambinos!

Misha & Puff began when Anna (founder and creative director) gave birth to her son. Anna started knitting him clothes that he would be cosy and comfortable in (no itchy yarns!). “I was making up my own styles,” she says. “I was making things that weren’t in the marketplace.” Let's just say word got around about Anna's gorgeous knits. She started knitting clothes for a couple of boutique shops, but that ended up being too much for one person to handle.

Anna wanted her knits to be available to a wider audience. “But I didn’t want it to be me knitting these things,” she says. “I wanted to work with knitters.” She also wanted to use quality, responsibly sourced materials while practicing Fair Trade principles that protected artisans. 

Anna rolled up her sleeves and began researching things like yarn production, which ultimately led her to Peru, the textile capital of the world. 


Their passion for S L O W fashion

We’ve all seen the fashion industry’s frenetic pace in movies like The Devil Wears Prada or shows like Project Runway. While exciting to watch from the comfort of our couches, there are inherent problems with the “fast fashion” approach: What's happening behind the scenes? Who's getting hurt? People? Animals? Our planet? All of the above?

None of that is OK with Misha & Puff.

They want this planet to be around for our children. And their children. And so on. They want our children to see the value in artistry and craft. And most of all they want our children to see the value inherent in every person who brings a product to life.

Smaller collections, deliberately.

They purposely have smaller collections that they stagger throughout the year rather than following the fast fashion focus on two big seasons. Scaling handmade items, like knits, is a delicate dance. You can't snap your fingers and scale overnight. And they refuse to participate in the nauseating practice of intentional overproduction.


A thoughtful approach to every aspect of their business.

For Misha & Puff being thoughtful means asking questions, especially HARD questions. It means understanding how materials are sourced and manufactured. It means putting people and the planet first, always. 

Peru is the knitting capital of the world, so it's no wonder we first looked to Peru when we started on this journey. But Peru offered us so much more than simply expert knitters. In Peru, sustainability is the default. Peruvians cherish the land and the resources it provides. And Peruvians are natural innovators. They figure out solutions to puzzles and problems.

Together, figuring out what's possible

Misha & Puff worked alongside their artisan partners who showed them what is possible with their vision. Together, they figured out how to scale quality hand knit garments (including hand-dyed wool) and handmade shoes in a responsible, ethical way that everyone can feel good about.

Read more about who Misha & Puff are here.

March 03, 2021 — Kate Dagg

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