In our latest Style Influencer series, we chat briefly to Stephina - one of our favourite new accounts to follow, mum to Daisy and all round Instagram icon.

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DAISY featured wearing - Jamie Kay, Daughter, Quincy Mae and Rylee + Cru
from Little Bambinos

Where are you from and where is home now?

I was born in northern NSW, Australia and now I call Gold Coast Queensland home!

What inspires your style?

I am a lover of comfortable and easy clothing. On my days off you will find me wearing jeans and tee or a flowy dress. I get my inspiration mainly off Instagram, I am also inspired by my sisters and will always ask them for advice if I am unsure. I thought my style would  change when becoming a Mumma but it hasn’t and I feel more comfortable than ever.

Its funny but I feel I dress daisy in clothes and colours that I would wear, most of the time we are in matching colours but this is not on purpose. I am sure very soon she will be telling me what she wants to wear and I won’t be able to change her mind.

Who or what are your greatest influences?

My husband is who I am greatly influenced by. His passion and determination never ceases to amaze me. He has pushed me to do things I would have only dreamt about and has provided us with a fun and blessed life. He is the best dad and always only wants the best for his family. We are total opposites and it works perfectly.

You're a family with an adventurous spirit, what's been your favourite adventure with Daisy to date?

Our favourite time so far has been our holidays to Bali. Since daisy has been born we have been there twice. Bali is one of our favourite travel destinations, we are drawn to the people, lifestyle and the relaxed feel you get as soon as you get off the plane. This is also the place daisy took her first few steps, we always get incredible memories when we go to Bali.

January 23, 2019 — Ulia Ash

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