KONGES SLOJD Kapok Nursing Pillow

  • $99.00

Kapok is a natural and organic fibre harvested from seed pods on trees growing wildly in tropical forests. The fibre has many valuable properties that are perfect for sensitive babies, allergy sufferers and for the environment. It is more breathable than any other natural fibre since it has a hollow core and consists of 80% air, which makes it about 8 times lighter than cotton.

Choose one of our Konges Slojd nursery pillow covers that have been made to fit the Kapok pillow. When finished feeding these will make a great feature pillow on your child's bed.

The fibres are covered with a thin layer of wax that repels insects and dust mites; hence no pesticides are used in the production.

We recommend airing your kapok product as often as possible to sustain the quality of the fibre.

Take out all the kapok filling before washing the cover.

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  • Outer length: 150 cm
  • Inner length: 97 cm
  • Height: 21 cm
  • Width: 118 cm


  • Made from 100% organic kapok


  • We recommend airing your kapok product as often as possible to sustain the fine quality of the fibre.
  • You do not have to wash your kapok product before use and wash only when necessary.
  • The kapok fibre has a very fine structure that makes it time consuming to dry when wet.
  • When washing use a strong centrifugation to expel all the water.
  • Tumble dry and sort the fibresvby hand afterwards.